Committee Roles

Every club has a different structure, so the roles and their responsibilities laid out below are to give clubs a guide to how the responsibilities may be delegated among a committee.
 Commodore  - Chairs the Executive Committee monthly meetings
- Formulating & implementing new and policy to the Development Plan of the club with the support of the Committee 
- Represents the club at Official functions
- Provides and encourages leadership at all club activities
- Ensures the club is run according to it's Rules and Constitution
- Acts as casting voter on proposals discussed in the Executive Committee
- Provides a report at the AGM

 Vice  Commodore
(this role can vary tremendously based on the club structure & needs) 
 Chars the Sailing Committee monthly meetings
- Represents the club at Official functions in the absence of the Commodore
- Provides and encourages leadership in the clubs sailing activities
- Attends the Committee meetings providing a report on sailing issues
- Acts as casting voter on proposals discussed art the sailing committee
- Provides a report to the AGM
- Ensure all sailing is run according to the Sailing Rules
- Overseas the production of the Sailing Programme

 Rear  Commodore
(this role can vary tremendously based on the club structure & needs) 
- Chairs the House Committee at the monthly meetings
- Represents the Club at official functions when both the Commodore and the Vice Commodore are absent
- Attends the Committee meetings providing a report on House issues
- Acts as casting voter on proposals discussed at the House Committee meetings
- Provides a report to the AGM

- Has overall responsibility for the Club premises, cleaning and decoration
- Arranges and oversees the Social activities of the club
- Oversees the running of the bar

 Sailing  Secretary - Produces the Sailing programme for the Club sailing activities

- Attends Sailing Committee meetings
- Produces agenda for sailing committee meetings
- Attends Committee meetings providing a report on sailing issues
- Attends local inter club sailing meetings
- Event management
- Arranges trophies
- Advertises Open Meetings
- Ensures that Officer of the Day and Patrol boat duties are covered
- Acts as the point of contact for other sailing clubs on sailing issues
- Maintains results of all club and Open meeting racing
- Publishes results of racing on Club notice board

 Hon  Secretary - Is the point of contact for Club mail from outside agencies
- Sends official correspondence on behalf of the Club
- Attends the Committee meetings providing a report
- Produces the agenda for the Committee meetings
- Sends out notices to Club members of the AGM
- Produces the agenda for the AGM
- Takes minutes of the AGM

 Hon  Treasurer

- Maintains all club accounts to an auditable standard
- Arranges payment of invoices
- Banks payments to the club
- Monitors the state of club accounts
- Attends Committee meetings
- Presents the annual accounts at the AGM
- Makes recommendations on subscription rates to the AGM

 ISA  Liaison  Officer

- Act a slink between the Club and the ISA in the exchange of information
- To develop good relationships between your Club and others in your area
- Act as reference point in the Club for any person who has a query on, or a suggestion about, what the ISA is doing regarding a particular issue
- Keep the Club Officers (and Committee) briefed on upcoming issues which might impact on the Club
- Attends Committee meetings
- Distribution of ISA news to all club members
- Ensure ISA database of committee members is up to date

 Junior  Organiser

- Encourage sailing among junior members
- Coordinate dinghy sailing and racing
- Arrange dinghy sailing school activity
- Ensure safery standards are appropriate for junior sailing events
- Ensure Best Practice of Child Protection is implemented
- Work with the Child Liaison Officer

 Child  Liaison  Officer - Overall role is to create a child and youth centred ethos around the clubs youth activities and environment
- Ensuring the implementation of the Code of Best Practice for Child in Sport is implemented
- Ensure all employees and volunteers consistently working with children are Guarda vetted
- Be accessable and approachable for all youth within the club
- Ensure all youth and adults know who the CLO is and how to contact at all times
- Promote awareness of Codes of Behaviour to other adults
- Ensure under age membership and participation forms are completed
- Influence policy and practice in the Club in order to prioritise young people's needs
- Conduct an annual audit of Best Practice in Child Protection and welfare within the club and report to the Executive Committee

 PR Officer - Promote the Club to the local community and beyond using all available methods of communication
- Provide event participation lists, event results and all relevant information to media
- Keep records for historical purposes
- Ensure Club is well presented in media, as well the property and any promotional material

 Membership  Secretary - Keeps the details of all members

- Administers new applications
- Deals directly with ISA for affiliation fees
- Reports to committee on new, lapsed or resigned members

 Safety Officer - Ensure the Club has all the correct paperwork in order
- Conducts annual audit to ensure everything is in order
- Deals with accidents that occur, reports and emending operational plans thereafter

 Bosun - Ensure all the equipment is in working order
- Safety boats are seaworthy
- Petrol is on hand
- Radios are fully functioning
- Marks are secured to anchors

  Other   there are many other committee roles a club can have to make the running of the club smooth and to ensure not too much weight is burdened upon the main committee members - e.g. Trophy Manager, Bar Manager, Membership Officer, Website Admin, House & Grounds Committee, Results Admin, Merchandising Manager, Sailing School Organiser.  The responsibilities above can delegated down through these additional roles.
 Centre  Principal /  Training  Officer TRAINING CENTRES ONLY
- ISA representative for being in charge of the training within the club
- Ensures all training requirements and ISA Recommendations are being applied
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