What is the ISA?
The ISA is the national governing body for recreational and competitive activities involving sail and engine powered craft in Ireland. 

What is an ISA Club?

An ISA club is a club that is affiliated to the ISA. There are three categories of affiliation. For more details on the different affiliation categories please click here.

Why would my club affiliate to the ISA?

The benefits of ISA affiliation vary with the type of affiliation. As an ISA Affiliated Club you will receive the following benefits. All members of Clubs are automatically members of the ISA through the Joint Membership Scheme and can therefore avail of the ISA Membership Benefits.

Local and National Organisation members are not entitled to the ISA membership benefits unless they sign up for ISA direct membership.
  • As a National Organisation you are entitled to the benefits outlined here.
  • As a Local Organisation you are entitled to the benefits outlined here.

How would my club affiliate to the ISA?

To apply for ISA affiliation your club must meet the requirements outlined in the Club Benefits and Affiliation document and then submit an application form.

How do I join a club?

To become a member of a club, please contact the club directly as different clubs have different membership application processes. To find a club click here.

Where can I find a club?

There are ISA affiliated clubs located all over the country! To find a club, please click here.

Do I have to join an ISA club to become a member of the ISA?

No. If you are a member of an ISA "Club" you are automatically an ISA member. If you are not a club member and would like to join the ISA please just follow the simple steps below:
  • Register with the ISA by clicking here. If you are already registered please enter your email address and your details will be re-sent to you
  • Once registered please log in
  • Go to the ISA Shop
  • Select "ISA Membership"
  • Click the type of membership you wish to purchase, and follow the simple instructions

How do I contact you?

For all the ISA Membership and Club contact details, please click here.

Join the ISA

Click here to purchase ISA membership
Note: You must be registered and then logged in on the website, in order to purchase ISA Membership. To register, please click here.

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