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If you are looking to get out and Try Sailing, go directly to 

Try Sailing gives ISA centres and clubs a national platform to encourage fun and safe sailing, increase access to sailing for all and promote opportunities for new comers to the joys and thrills of sailing.

Try Sailing is a grass roots initiative to encourage the Irish public to give sailing a try.

What can you do to help people try sailing?
  • Organise an Open Day for Try Sailing on a date of your choosing - perhaps coincide it with an existing event or regional festival.
  • Schedule regular 'Pay n Play' Try Sailing sessions, making sailing accessible as a regular sport or hobby to non boat owners.
  • Encourage "Bring a Friend" within your club or centre - every member or client is a Try Sailing ambassador.
  • Any beginner course is a Try Sailing opportunity.
  • Create an access point for crewing on keelboats and yachts.
The dedicated web site maps and lists all venues with Try Sailing opportunities.
We highly recommend your club or centre has a page dedicated to Try Sailing activities and we can link your Try Sailing profile directly to your Try Sailing page.

If you want to register a programme, opportunity or event to Try Sailing please complete the Registration form below.
If you have run a Try Sailing programme, please complete the Event Participation form below.

The more we expose the Try Sailing branding and message to more sailors we will get on the water - it is working, people are stopping us in the street asking "Where can I Try Sailing?"

Happy Sailing

Try Sailing Organisation Registration

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Try Sailing Event Participation

After your Try Sailing Event please complete the simple form below. Gathering information on the participants of the Try Sailing Programme is vital to help us understand the numbers of people participation throughout the country and will not only help us gain Irish Sports Council support, but also potential future sponsors.
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Just for internal purposes
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Web is currently under construction and will promote Try Sailing venues and dates.


Irish Sailing Association will be supporting Try Sailing with a full marketing campaign.


Collaborating with Irish Water Safety and the national network of ISA clubs and centres.

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