Current valid ECHO Standards and IRC TCC Ratings as issued by the Irish Sailing Racing Dept to date.
- A boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems.
- This list of boats and their ratings shall not be used to give a boat not listed a handicap in any race.
- The letter ‘E’ after an IRC TCC indicates that the boat’s IRC certificate is ‘Endorsed’.
The details published below are correct to the best of our knowledge.  If any details are incorrect please notify 

Sail NumberBoat NameModelOwnerMain ClubECHO StdECHO DateIRC TCCEIRCCertDate
IRL4250Act TwoDufour 425 GL 2.10Michael O'LearyRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.00508/01/20190.999 14/01/2019
IRL3199AfterHours adóSunfast 32iJohn (Johnny) WalshTralee Bay Sailing Club0.94014/01/2019   
IRL375AndanteYamaha 36Keith MillerWexford Harbour Boat & Tenis Club0.93509/01/20190.937 14/01/2019
IRL356AphroditeFirst 32Edmund KrugelSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.91010/01/2019   
IRL377BirgitzFirst 25Tim MeagherCove Sailing Club0.83009/01/2019   
GBR447LBlack MagicFirst 44.7Barry O'DonovanHowth Yacht Club1.10517/01/2019   
IRL5795Black SheepMustang Mk2Alfred ( Freddie) WoodNational Yacht Club0.91016/01/2019   
IRL3471Black VelvetFirst 34.7Leslie ParnellRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.98509/01/20190.983 E14/01/2019
IRL3852Blue OysterOyster 37David ColemanSchull Harbour Sailing Club0.95514/01/2019   
IRL3400Brazen HussyDufour 34 PerformanceJohn BarryHowth Yacht Club0.95008/01/20190.946 E14/01/2019
6724YBright WingsFirst 32Nicholas O'RourkeCove Sailing Club0.91009/01/2019   
IRL5643CalypsoOceanis 361Howard KnottRoyal St George Yacht Club0.92514/01/2019   
IRL1570CaraJ/112eFrank DoyleRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.05510/01/2019   
397Chase MeFulmar Bilge KeelJohn RaughterBray Sailing Club0.85502/01/2019   
77883Coracle VIOlson 30Kieran CollinsRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.97010/01/2019   
IRL9615Fast BuckImpala 28oodDavid John HanlyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.88503/01/20190.889 E14/01/2019
IRL3871FireflyDufour 27Elaine O'MahoneyFoynes Yacht Club0.82009/01/2019   
IRL1038Grasshopper IIHanse 301Kevin GlynnNational Yacht Club0.91009/01/2019   
IRL7778GringoArchambault A 35Tony FoxNational Yacht Club1.02008/01/20191.019 E14/01/2019
IRL2840Guinness KannGK 24Gill GoodKinsale Yacht Club0.83014/01/2019   
IRL216Gung-HoSuper SealGrainne O'SheaRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.85014/01/2019   
IRL4794Hard on PortJ/24Flor O'DriscollRoyal St George Yacht Club0.88510/01/2019   
IRL5109JalapenoJ/109Paul BarringtonNational Yacht Club1.01508/01/20191.012 E14/01/2019
IRL7491Jam JarJ/80Philip WatsonHowth Yacht Club0.96009/01/20190.957 E14/01/2019
IRL8088JediJ/109Kenneth RumballIrish National Sailing Club1.01516/01/2019   
IRL4252JibeJ/24Fergus KelliherTralee Bay Sailing Club0.88509/01/20190.879 E14/01/2019
IRL2007Jump JuiceKer 36.7Conor PhelanRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.10008/01/20191.101 E14/01/2019
IRL4938KernowSigma 38Ian ScandrettCove Sailing Club0.97516/01/2019   
IRL1604L’Enfant SauvageAquilaValerie MurphyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.86015/01/2019   
IRL3107LevanteFirst 31.7John PowerNational Yacht Club0.95016/01/2019   
IRL7077LobsterTwo Ton DuboisGary A HorganKinsale Yacht Club1.10009/01/20191.103 14/01/2019
IRL1575LouiseDuFour 28Conor HanlonRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.85014/01/2019   
IRL4646Luv IsDB 1 (MOD)Anthony KingstonKinsale Yacht Club0.97516/01/2019   
11MarandaSenator 22Myles KellyDun Laoghaire Motor Yacht Club0.81508/01/20190.811 E14/01/2019
GBR7906RMazuFirst 35Denis EllisGreat Island Sailing Club1.01510/01/2019   
IRL7277MerrowHustler SJ 27John F M LeechLough Derg Yacht Club0.87516/01/2019   
IRL19191Miss CharlieTofinou 8 1.70Patrick BeckettKinsale Yacht Club0.94009/01/20190.941 E14/01/2019
IRL2129NieulargoGrand Soleil 40 B & CDenis MurphyRoyal Cork Yacht Club1.01510/01/2019   
IRL11311PhixiusBavaria 33Tom RayMalahide Yacht Club0.93010/01/2019   
IRL1522Plan BFirst 211Kieran KingstonRoyal St George Yacht Club0.84008/01/2019   
IRL4206Powder MonkeySigma 33 1.83Liam LynchTralee Bay Sailing Club0.91509/01/20190.911 E14/01/2019
IRL28898Powder MonkeyJ/109Chris MooreNational Yacht Club1.01509/01/20191.007 E14/01/2019
IRL3504Prima LuceFirst 35Ruairi O'FlynnRoyal Irish Yacht Club1.01517/01/2019   
GBR7055Runaway Bus1/4 Ton Magic BusAlan MulcahyKinsale Yacht Club0.89516/01/2019   
IRL874Running TideJ/24Andrew MurphyGalway Bay Sailing Club0.88516/01/2019   
IRL26026RuthlessCorby 26Conor RonanNational Yacht Club0.96014/01/2019   
IRL1398ScorpioSigma 33oodMark WilsonGalway Bay Sailing Club0.91509/01/20190.912 E14/01/2019
IRL1082Sea SafariSun Odyssey 37.1Jacqueline SmithRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.94517/01/2019   
IRL791ShenanigansFeeling 850 CruisingLee DouglasMalahide Yacht Club0.88510/01/2019   
K4267ShowtimeSigma 33oodPaul J SinnottWicklow Sailing Club0.91509/01/20190.912 E14/01/2019
IRL7007Small WonderFirst 211Hugh KellyRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.84009/01/2019   
IRL4464SpringerSigma 33oodIan BowringRoyal St George Yacht Club0.91510/01/2019   
IRL6136StarletFormula 28Kevin ByrneRoyal St George Yacht Club0.90517/01/2019   
IRL3433Tara TooOceanis 343 ClipperDonal GallagherHowth Yacht Club0.92010/01/2019   
IRL5601V.S.O.P.Sovereign 400Don McCarthyRoyal Cork Yacht Club0.99014/01/2019   
IRL1569VamooseFirst 211Michael McHugoIrish Sailing0.84016/01/2019   
IRL4633Whit MischiefSigma 33oodJohn DoyleRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.91508/01/20190.912 E14/01/2019
IRL37737WindshiftSunfast 37James BoylanSkerries Sailing Club0.97010/01/2019   
IRL307WynwardFirst 27Wyn McCormackRoyal Irish Yacht Club0.85509/01/2019   
IRL7066X-RatedX 332John GordonMayo Sailing Club0.97510/01/2019   

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