Approved IRC Measurers

Many regattas require boats to hold an endorsed IRC. This means that the data on her certificate has been recorded by an approved IRC Measurer. The recorded data is subject to very rigid standards and owners are advised to check with us or an IRC Measurer before making changes to their boats.

Below is the list of ISA approved IRC Measurers:

ISA Measurer  Region  Contact Number
 Bob Hobby   East Coast 087 4185288
 Brian Mathews   East Coast 087 2532759
 Gerard Deegan  South East 086 8240367
 Fergus O'Kelly East Coast 086 2550992
 Eoin Leahy    Nationwide 086 8117970
 Martin Darrer    South 087 4176372
 Adrian O'Connell South W. 086 6026700
 John Petch Kinsale 023 8849610
 Aodhan Fitzgerald   West 087 2488765

2015 IRC Measurement Manual

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