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ISAF Standard Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for Match Racing

Revised versions of the Standard Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions for match racing events are published on the ISAF website. Clubs and race organisers of Match Racing events in Ireland are advised to adapt the ISAF standard for all Match Race events by the ISA. For ISAF Graded events the NoR and SIs are required be based on the ISAF standards and the club should return a Grading Form to the ISA at least 3 months before the start of the event.

ISAF Standard Match Racing Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction guides, based on the Racing Rules of Sailing are available: here.

From time to time, these documents are revised to ensure that they reflect the best current practices.

ISAF Match Race Ranking

The ISAF World Match Race Rankings measure the performance of over 2,000 skippers to identify to world’s most consistent performers. There are two Rankings lists, the Open Rankings and the Women’s Rankings. 

The ISAF World Match Race Rankings rate skippers based on their performances over the last two years. Skippers score points by competing in ISAF Graded events. The top 20 at all ISAF Graded events score Rankings points, with the highest points awarded to the event winner and then decreasing down relative to position. The most points are up for grabs at World Match Racing Tour (ISAF Grade WC) events, followed by ISAF Grade 1 events, Grade 2 through to Grade 5. The Irish National Championships are Grade 3 events.

In addition to this bonus points can be scored for success in events featuring particularly competitive fields which host the top ranked skippers on the ISAF World Match Race Rankings.

The points scored at events counts towards a skipper’s Ranking points total which decides his Ranking position. Each skipper can count a maximum of four events in each of the two most recent years, ie a combined total of eight events, which are calculated over a rolling 24 months. Events contested within 12 months of the current Ranking release count double. The winner of an ISAF Grade 1 event can expect to score around 1,800 points if the event took place within the last 12 months, or around 1,000 if between 12-24 months ago.

As well as reflecting the current form and performances of the world’s top match racers, the ISAF World Match Race Rankings are also used to decide ten of the twelve skippers who will compete in the ISAF Women’s Match Racing World Championship.

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