Racing Rules

The Racing Rules of Sailing govern the sport. They are revised and published every four years by ISAF (the International Sailing Federation).
The Racing Rules of Sailing 2013 – 2016 including ISA Prescriptions. Order a copy from the ISA shop here. To download a PDF copy click here. Every sailor should have a copy of the Racing Rules of Sailing with the ISA Prescriptions 2013 - 2016.

The ISA’s anti-doping rules are the Irish Anti-Doping Rules as amended from time to time. The Irish Anti-Doping Rules are available from the ISA and are reproduced on the ISA’s website, They may also be viewed on the Irish Sports Council's website

The Case Book, cases are authoritative interpretations and explanations of The Racing Rules of Sailing. The Case Book complements The Racing Rules of Sailing, providing details on the application of the Rules to over 100 scenarios. The principal aims of the Cases are to clarify an important meaning in a rule or to increase the understanding of a complex rule. A revised edition of The Case Book is published every four years to coincide with the publication of the revised edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing. Then, in each of the following three years a supplement to The Case Book is published.

To download the full Case Book including the most recent supplements click here.

Unlike the ISAF Case Book this Question & Answer service is designed to assist ISAF International Race Officials in applying the rules consistently. The ISA advise that these may also be used to assist ISA Race Officials. All Q&A’s are published along with a downloadable booklet on this page click here. The Q&A booklet is frequently updated, so check it regularly.

The ISAF Call Book for Match Racing and the ISAF Call Book for Team Racing provide a clear definition, for both competitors and umpires, how certain incidents will be called in match or team racing events. Through written and illustrated examples, scenarios that occur in match or team racing events are presented along with the rules applicable to that situation and how and when they should be applied. To download the Call Books for Match and Team Racing 2009-2012 including the most recent supplements click here.

ISAF CLASS RULES – Classes & Equipment
The most recently updated ISAF class documentation as well as all class rules by type, here.

ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing
The Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) govern the equipment used in the sport. They are revised and published every four years by ISAF. Details here.


The ISAF Offshore Special Regulations govern offshore racing for monohulls and multihulls, structural features, yacht equipment, personal equipment and training. The OSR is republished every two years and the latest edition is for 2012-2013.

On this page you can download the regulations and view the interpretations of the ISAF Special Regulations Sub-Committee.


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