What is a Powerboat?

Powerboats, Speedboats and Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) offer a fast, exciting and versatile way of getting into boating.  They are perfect for families wanting to get afloat and explore, picnic, ski or dive.  Because of their speed and because they can be easily towed behind a car they are great for trips and exploring both at home and on holiday.  

Where Should I Go to Start Boating?

There are many ISA accredited Training Centres and Clubs around the coast and on inland waterways who offer a range of courses for both beginners and the more experienced sailor.

What is the Best Course for Me?

Introduction to Powerboating

This course provides a practical introduction to powerboats and is ideal for anyone who is new to powerboating or who will be crewing a powerboat.
National Powerboat Certificate
The "driving licence" of powerboating.  This course provides all of the skills and knowledge required by anyone taking charge of a powerboat.

Recreational Powerboat Course
Developed for powerboaters with some experience who want to boost their skills, knowledge and confidence.  This course will show you how to enjoy family daytrips, longer coastal passages and sports activities like water skiing.

A call to your local ISA Training Centre or Club would help you decide which course would best suit your needs.

What Should I Bring?

The ISA Training Centre or Club where you will do your course will normally provide all the equipment you need.  You should bring the following with you:

•    Swimming togs;
•    Old shoes/runners or booties;
•    A wetsuit* (if you have one); and
•    A buoyancy aid* (if you have one).

*All ISA Training Centres can normally supply these.

Again, you can chat to your local ISA Training Centre or Club when you are booking your place on a course and they will advise you on what they can supply and what you will need to bring.


For a full list of all ISA Personal Skills Sailing Courses, the details of each course, a list of Course Providers and a list of scheduled courses please click on the link opposite.

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