Why Choose an ISA Training Centre

An ISA Training Centre is an organisation that has, in partnership with the ISA, undertaken to provide quality tuition and training to national and international standards.

ISA certified training courses can only be run at accredited ISA Training Centres, by suitably-qualified staff, who follow the relevant national syllabus, use appropriate well-maintained equipment and have adequate safety support. The ISA through its Inspectors continuously monitors its recognised centres to ensure that operating standards are being maintained. 

Thinking of Doing a Course?

An ISA training course provides the ideal way to get afloat for the first time, or to build on skills you already have. All courses are run to a syllabus used all over Ireland and will be lead by a trained and qualified ISA Instructor. Each course is carefully designed to provide you with all of the skills and confidence you need to get you out on the water and to get the most out of your boating.

Why Choose an ISA Accredited Centre?

ISA accredited centres have qualified instructors working with structured and organised syllabus and programmes for each of the ISA Training Schemes. This means the standard of instruction and certification is uniform from centre to centre. Participants on an ISA course will be taught using a step by step syllabus, used and approved throughout Ireland.

Where Do I Start?

From the options in the different boxes on the previous page you may choose if you wish to do:

A Seabased Training Course;
A Shorebased Training Course; or
Apply for a Certificate of Competency.

Simply click on the option you would most perfer to find all the information you require.

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